Banana Bugs

Banana Bugs

It is an entertaining arcade game inspired by the likes of the old Qix game
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Banana Bugs is an entertaining arcade game inspired by the likes of the old Qix and Volfied games. The gameplay is pretty much similar to the one of those classic games, meaning that in order to win you have to conquer the majority of the playfield, and you do that by sectioning it (drawing separation lines). There are some obvious differences though between these old games and Banana Bugs. One of them is the fact that Banana Bugs is updated to our modern days and therefore provides better graphics. Though not necessarily impressive or sophisticated, the graphics are colorful and appealing. Another difference is the fact that Banana Bugs comes with a specific story and a main theme: you control a little monkey that defends a banana stock from bugs by shooting ropes that cut areas of the board (a net).

Banana Bugs manages to keep being interesting after its first levels by introducing a pretty large variety of new power-ups and bugs that you have to avoid.

Anyway, in my opinion, the game lacks the charm and addictiveness of the old Qix-like arcade games. It’s not bad, but it’s more suitable for children, especially since it contains no violence and it’s quite simple to play. Fortunately, there’s a 60-minute free trial version available for download, so you can check for yourself if the game suits your taste, or not.

Margie Smeer
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Review summary


  • Easy to understand and to play
  • Includes power-ups and various bugs
  • Affordable
  • Great for children


  • Lacks originality in terms of game-play
  • Might seem quite monotonous to some players
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